About Us

ZekeStringer is a jewelry brand founded in Johnston, Rhode Island in 2012 by Debra and Dennis Garzone. This husband and wife team have designed, developed and manufactured for some of the nation’s top designers.

ZekeStringer’s designs are a blend of two industries, jewelry and textile manufacturing, both with a rich Rhode Island history. The name is the result merging the nicknames of two men, their fathers, that were each very successful and creative in these respective fields. Growing up in the jewelry industry with his dad, Salvatore Zeke Garzone, Dennis had been manufacturing for over 40 years.

The handcrafted collections are a fusion of mixed metals, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, vintage stones, leather, silks and organic materials. By mixing these elements, they have designed jewelry that is inspiring, sophisticated and meticulously crafted for both men and women.

Each piece of ZekeStringer begs to be stacked and layered with another, resulting in a personalized collection with texture and richness. Once you experience the earthy sparkle and classical beauty of their styling you will be drawn to them time and time again.